What To Wear In Dubai Desert Safari?

When it comes to safari you might think about Africa, South Africa, or other countries. But what about a desert safari in Dubai? Also, what to wear in Dubai desert safari?

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of UAE (United Arab Emirates) and it’s known as the city that never sleeps because there are over 200 active construction projects; many famous landmarks; vibrant nightlife; the oldest indoor ski center; biggest shopping mall which covers an area of 48 hectares (118 acres). It is also unique with its modern architecture like Burj Khalifa (829,8m) which is currently the world’s tallest building.

What To Wear In Dubai Desert Safari?

Emirate of Dubai attracts tourists worldwide due to its tropical beaches, luxury hotels, and sightseeing locations. Therefore, the desert safari is another great way to explore this metropolis.

Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most popular activities in the UAE. There are several companies that offer tours for travelers visiting Dubai city and desert safari in Dubai. This activity includes watching sunset or sunrise, dune bashing, barbecue dinner or lunch, belly dance and live music and camel ride, and other unique entertainment programs.

In this article, we will explain what to wear in Dubai Desert safari for a safe and comfortable tour.

What To Wear In Dubai Desert Safari?

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot outside because there is always a cold breeze coming from climate control air conditions of the desert safari 4X4 jeep. But don’t forget to bring sunscreen lotion because you will be under the sun for sure during sunset or sunrise which are popular times for taking pictures while visiting the Dubai desert.

Also, it’s appropriate to dress up casually because what kind of clothing people wear in African countries can be seen in Hollywood movies or documentaries? What are they wearing? You know better than me! Think about it and what you’re going to wear when watching a desert safari in Dubai.

And lastly, Arab men wear ‘thobes’ (white long gowns with long sleeves) but I recommend tourists not to wear this clothing because it is suitable attire only for Arab men.

Desert safari Dubai

If you are not sure what to wear in desert safari Dubai, ask your tour guide or someone around you who has already done this kind of activity before. We suggest you wear a modest, comfortable, and casual dress for the desert safari. Anyway, if it’s your first time I’m sure you will have a lot of fun!

To include, desert safari Dubai is the best choice for tourists looking for fun and entertainment with friends, family, or loved ones. There are so many things to do besides sightseeing if you want to explore the beauty of this metropolis which is situated on the Arabian Peninsula.

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The desert safari is a world famous activity which attracts tourists from all over the world to experience the desert and its natural beauty.

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